Tuesday, August 17, 2010


what did the rabbit eat for breakfast?

coco hops

what do karate experts catch at winter time?

kung flu

what did the pig eat for breakfast

brussel snouts

what's a cows favorite holiday?

moo years eve

what did the rat say to the tree?

it's been nice gnawing you

what goes ha ha ha thud?

a monster laughing his head off

Monday, August 16, 2010

About me

This story is about me and my life
My whole name is Lydia-Bea Leverett.I'm 8 years old.My mum is called Lisa and my dad is called bill.I have lots of friends,Jade, Kai, Leah, Cate, Lucy, and Courtney. I have lots of cousins, about 20.

My pets
My pets are called Pepsi and treacle they are Guiney pigs,both girls they are both
twins.Pepsi has a white face and bum,and a ginger body.Treacle is all ginger.

I love swimming!and writing and drawing and running about and being crazy.I'd spend hours just jumping off things and doing hand stands.I have lots of hobbies

When I grow up
When I grow up I want to be 4 things. A writer,I'd write lots of children's books.An Artist,I'd paint lots of cartoon pictures.A cricket player,I'd score 100 runs. and a comedian,I'd make everyone laugh.


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