Monday, August 16, 2010

About me

This story is about me and my life
My whole name is Lydia-Bea Leverett.I'm 8 years old.My mum is called Lisa and my dad is called bill.I have lots of friends,Jade, Kai, Leah, Cate, Lucy, and Courtney. I have lots of cousins, about 20.

My pets
My pets are called Pepsi and treacle they are Guiney pigs,both girls they are both
twins.Pepsi has a white face and bum,and a ginger body.Treacle is all ginger.

I love swimming!and writing and drawing and running about and being crazy.I'd spend hours just jumping off things and doing hand stands.I have lots of hobbies

When I grow up
When I grow up I want to be 4 things. A writer,I'd write lots of children's books.An Artist,I'd paint lots of cartoon pictures.A cricket player,I'd score 100 runs. and a comedian,I'd make everyone laugh.

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